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Featured Clients

Featured Clients

Clients Speak..

"I just want to thank you Umang for doing a wonderful job on my project. I have plenty of new work for your team."

- Rey III

"Thanks a ton for getting the drawings back so fast!- The details you have been drawing are very good. I am very happy with your work."

- Jeffrey Lewis

"The drawings are great. Please send us the invoice."

- Samuel Keith

"The drafting was also turned around in a very short time which I appreciate very much."

- Lanigan

Furniture Design and Rendering Services - Outsource Furniture Design Models

Architectural Modeling India has expertise in furniture design and rendering services. We create quality furniture designs and models at lesser costs and time.

Our Furniture Design Rendering Services Include:

  • Living Room Furniture Design
  • Wooden Furniture Design
  • Italian Furniture Design
  • Commercial Furniture Design
  • Interior Furniture Design
  • Bedroom Furniture Design
  • Industrial Furniture Design
  • Modern Furniture Design
  • Custom Furniture Design

Working with us is easy:

  • Send us photos and dimensions of the furniture. Mention your requirements.
  • We edit, modify, convert and/or redesign as required.
  • A communicate pattern is fixed to allow smooth integration with your team.
  • The final design is sent in a format of your choice.

Advantages of our Furniture Design Services:

  • We help you to experiment and innovate with your furniture designs
  • You get services of highly trained and experienced designers
  • Quality of designs is a guarantee
  • Our pricing options help you get better quality designs at cost effective rates
  • Shorter turn around time is assured as per requirements
  • 24*6 customer care

Our clients have multiplied doubly and trebly over the years, undoubtedly, due to our emphasis on quality and consistency. Besides, we ensure that every client specification is perfectly met before we dispatch. With multiple quality checking processes, design efficiency is a guarantee.

Our team uses a variety of technology tools to serve the diverse needs of a global clientele. We can create complex design models from photos, sketches or basic line diagrams. You can send us your ideas and sketches in an input format convenient to you. We can give you design outputs in a format desired by you.

With our designs, you can visualise clearly the end result. Colour, shape, material, curves, angles every minute detail can be studied and changed easily and speedily. Our furniture design and rendering services adds value to your services and products. We offer no-obligation free pilot projects for new customers.

Send us your furniture design and rendering services requirements to us or e-mail us your queries.